An award and should I go??

My husband has won( earned) a very prestigious award from the company he works for (UNFI).  He is #8 in sales in the country. As a result, he has won a trip to Naples FL in October and I can go too.  BUT,  I hate flying. I’m always concerned about germs due to my myeloma, even though I’m in remission. And I dislike Florida immensely.  Why couldn’t it be Hawaii which it’s suppose to be next year.

Anyway, I sorta want to go, of course , to support him, but I also do not do well in crowds, etc etc.  So the question is should I go. I need to decide in a week so reservations can be made. If I don’t go, of course, I’ll feel guilty but it opens up the possibility of my daughter going. She loves adventure so it could be fun for her to see that area.

Any thoughts????



6 thoughts on “An award and should I go??

  1. I really hate to go out of my comfort zone, but when I do I end up having a good time. We just got back from a trip and our flights were amazingly hassle free. I do understand your concern about germs though. I think that if you go you will have a better time than you think….I say go for it.

    • Hi Marilyn,
      Good to hear from you. where did you go? Were the flights long? I decided that if they let us fly the day before, which would be Wednesday, I’ll go. Otherwise, it’s fly Thursday ( leave 6am, get in 6pm), then there would Friday, Saturday and then leave Sunday. That’s too much for me and I think I’d probably have some issues. So if I can get the extra day, I think I will go.

      • We spent a week in Myrtle Beach, SC. Flew from Michigan…2 hours to Charlotte, NC and then about an hour (or a little less) to Myrtle Beach. We arrived a day after the hurricane and got home 4 days ago. Today on the news it looks like they have another storm. We really lucked out….had perfect weather the whole week we were there.
        I think I would like that extra day too….travel really is tiring. You will quite a long flight too. I hope it works out so you can go.

      • That sounds great. If this was only a 3-hour flight, I’d be on it in a nanosecond. 7 hours plus 5 of airports etc.. not sure. Of course, if it was Paris, I’d be going( ha Ha)… Yeah I think for such a short time period, it may not work out this time.

    • I don’t ever waste time regretting anything. If I make the decision , well that’s that. but I’m waiting to find out if we can fly out a day early and that would make a big difference. We should know soon if they’ll approve that.

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