A journey towards minimalism.

I love everything about being a minimalist. I value the focus it has given me in my daily life.I love the simplicity it has brought me and how my life is less stressful. We’ve gotten rid of many many things and the things we have kept are useful and beautiful( almost).  My favorite quote is  by William Morris :imageWe still have areas in our house and barn that need work and I’m glad really ,as it gives me a focus. Minimalism has helped us become more frugal and questioning all our purchases and keeping the budget in line.

Right now I’m recovering our 1950’s Heywood Wakefield dining room chairs. I like the simplicity of the off-white canvas I’m using. It’s really painters drop cloth but heck it works. I’ll post a few pictures soon.

My journey with minimalism has evolved as all things do. I know in the different levels of decluttering I’m less emotionally attached to things and where maybe a year ago I wouldn’t have got rid of something, now it’s easier. I value open space more than things and only really keeping what we use or value.  It’s important to me to have a goal or something I’m focusing on and striving toward minimalism fits me perfect right now.

As all things in life, we change and what we hold dear changes to. But some things do remain constant. My love for my husband, children, family and deeper self-principles. Such as being honest, simplicity( Quaker value), and things that really are the same as when I was 18.  It’s funny how deep inside I think we all retain some of who we were and valued at 18. maybe not but, for me that’s true.  Of course, I’m not the same person as such, I’m older, wiser( ok that’s questionable) but hopefully a little.

Well, if you’re starting out on you own minimalism journey, declutter, make space in you home and life, and simplify. And just keep going. Reprioritise what you value. Stay close to nature or at least get out in the wild once in a while.  Okay, enough.

2 thoughts on “A journey towards minimalism.

  1. What a nice post! I am a terrible accumulator of things, and have to work really hard to throw things out. Always a challenge. We live in a three bedroom coop in Queens, New York, and it’s about 1200 sq feet, which really isn;t small, especially by NYC standards. However, we have way too much crowded into it. I could blame my kids, both of whom still live with us, but it is really us. My husband has a couple of “collections,” and I inherited a lot of very well preserved 1950’s furniture from my Mom when she passed. Beautiful stuff. Could not bear to give it away. I also have lots of stuff in the basement which I could definitely “de-clutter.” Right now one of my kids is recovering from a serious illness, so I am totally immersed in her care, and I cannot think about doing any large scale projects.

    I hope I can soon.

    I am definitely in awe of you and your habits! Excellent discipline!


    • It’s a process for sure. Actually, get diagnosed was for me the kicker. I had lots of collections of 50’s,40’s and even 30’s stuff. I just got tired of the visualness of it all.
      Is your mom’s furniture Heywood-wakefield? That’s still one of my passions but now I’m not buying any.
      I hope your daughter is improving. It’s always scary when a child( even adult child) is ill.
      Start on getting rid of the easy stuff. (extra dishes, clothes, knick knacks and then it starts to roll.
      Best to you. Hope your numbers are good.

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