Minimalist wardrobe

I started wearing only certain colors and combinations a few years ago after reading about ‘uniform’ or minimalistic clothing. I liked the idea, it made things nice and simple.. I wear either a black or white or navy v neck t shirt, jeans, and a shirt over. I almost always wear a light shirt in white or black over my t shirt as i often have bruises on my arms from my myeloma.( easily bruising is a symptom). I have  2 pairs of black jeans and a few white capri for summer. I occasionally wear a dark plum sweater in the winter. Since I live in California ,our winters are generally mild and I have North Face polar tech i wear when needed.

I decided to go thru the few clothes I own and really only keep what looks good on me. I got rid of 3 stained black t-shirts and it’ll probably end up giving away 4  jeans. since I don’t have a lot of clothes , I’m going to check out getting one nice pair of jeans at lands end and 2 pima cotton t shirts. First,  i’ll check good will, but that can be hit or miss.

Minimalism in my choice of clothes really works for me. I know what colors or rather what black and  white and navy plus, when I can find it dark purple, works in my minimalistic wardrobe.

I’m also going to try and find a pair of shoes besides keens that i can wear in the fall and winter. it has to be something with great support as i have feet with issues.

I went to the dentist to have him check the splint. everything looks good and I’ll be just waiting for the Invisalign ,which will  take a few more weeks.

i enjoyed an ice tea out at Starbucks and used my mac air while there.

I’m making homemade pizza for my daughter and me tonight.

4 thoughts on “Minimalist wardrobe

  1. Your wardrobe sounds so easy. I really need to do something with mine. Some of my clothes are pre-retirement and don’t really work for me anymore. I am having great difficulty with shoes…I did find one pair by Propet that aren’t too bad for walking, they are ugly and orthopedic looking though.

    • Shoes are a challenge. I read about a new Birkenstock that has a soft sole and is suppose to be really supportive. But I hate to spend that much money unless I know for sure. The Keens I have are a supportive shoe, you might like them. Plus you can hike or walk in them.

  2. Also going down that same color scheme, it eliminates all the thinking in the morning. Grab a shirt, grab your pants and go!

  3. I’ve been thinking a lot lately along the lines of a minimalist wardrobe. It’s neat to see this post! I know a lot of people that would call me simply crazy for making clothes a part of my simple or minimalist lifestyle dreams. I don’t think it’s crazy at all. Bravo to you for doing it!

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