Memories of July

Well, July is almost over. It’s been a good month. We camped again in Tahoe and had a good time. Camp Richardson is not our style, but then we went to Nevada each and honestly, it’s the best campground. So, the bad memories are from July 2005. This was my month to have radiation . As you fellow MM ers know, when you have a plasmacytoma , you get to do radiation . So I had 17 rounds and the tattoos to show for it. Radiation wasn’t too bad, after the initial very long first appointment to get the giant computer aligned, and then the tattoos to place it. Then the actual radiation was about 90 seconds. So you are in and out very quickly. But for me this was just the beginning, and I was pretty depressed, and withdrawn. Next month started the chemo, so I was in for the long haul. But hey, here I am and now I have good memories of this July ,biking sitting in camp, looking out at Tahoe …… So good times even if I am still on revlimid and dex.

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