South Lake Tahoe evacuated.

The Caldor fire is still raging and ALL of South Lake Tahoe is evacuated. Believe me this is no easy feat and the roads were clogged. Everyone was routed one way out of town towards Carson City or over to I -80. Pretty Shocking really. I just hope it doesn’t get that far and is contained.

The pool has been closed everyday since last week. I’m planning on driving down there this morning but I’m guessing there will be a wait for a lane. If I haven’t been able to swim, then they haven’t either and everyone will want in. I suppose if it’s more than a 20 minute wait I’ll just give up and come home. I don’t have anything on my agenda this week so I can go any day really.

The big news is we bought a used truck. I’ll get a picture up as soon as I take one. It’s a very nice 2014 Silverado. We did add on the 2 year bumper to bumper warranty which added $4900. Still, we thought it wise to do. The truck has 135,000 miles but has been very well maintained. We may not need the warranty or we may but it’s one of those decisions you just have to live with. So far it rides very quiet and smooth. B has hooked up the trailer hitch and lights but I didn’t go out there to check the back with him. I’ll do that as soon as I’m home from the pool today. It has a nice bed liner too and seems perfect for what we need. Our travel(RV) plans aren’t extensive like driving across the country so for what we need in terms of mileage, I’m not worried. Most of our trips like to New Brighton are in the 300-400 mile range. We are still planning some longer ones along the Oregon coast but not till next year and it needs to be mapped out.

So far( only a few days) we are excited and pleased with it. Let’s hope it lives up to it and doesn’t have any major issues or I’ll be pissed.

4 thoughts on “South Lake Tahoe evacuated.

  1. Gosh you guys across the pond have big shiny vehicles! Our little Nissan Micra we call “Noddy” is dwarfed by your truck…which you need to give a name!

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