Bookcases filled and freshly painted…

Here’s a picture of the bookcase filled. There are 7 shelves.

One is the Harry Potter shelf, one is the Bob Dylan shelf, one is classics I don’t want to part with quite yet( Farmer Boy, Alan Watts, Gary Snyder) the rest are cookbooks and my simple living/decluttering books. I tried to get all my cookbooks here but there’s still about one shelf’s worth of cookbooks on the other bookcase. I could move the Dylan books and try fitting them there. I guess I’ll see.

I am happy with how bright and clean it looks and am looking forward to doing more. I also did the french door on the one side. I’ll do the other side later this week.

I only found one book to get rid of otherwise all these are useful and I do re-read many of them.( I’ve read the Historian at least 6 times!!!). This is all the books except for the collection of Easton press which is admittedly quite a few. That bookcase is a teak wood so I wouldn’t paint that.

I’ll show that again when we paint the front room.

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