Friday stuff

It was a cold walk this morning 37 degrees. But the stars were nice!!

B’s labs came back fairly stable with no need for platelets today. So, that means he’ll get another blood test on Monday. Except for the screwed up biopsy, Sutter Health has been really on top of things.

We did a Costco trip yesterday which is the last we will do till after Christmas. We opted to get the Vita mix on sale ( $70 off) as I will be making lots of protein and smoothie drinks for B to help with nutrition while he’s getting whatever treatment is set up. I think it will be valuable thing. Plus, I’ve wanted one for a while but it certainly wasn’t a ‘need’ per se but with the health/treatment issues I think it’ll be great.

Today is a gym day and then home.

I’m making homemade pizza tonight. One pepperoni and one veggie.


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