DIY plant ladder

So, I got this off Pinterest, 

It was such a good idea to centrally locate lots of smaller plants.


I’m sure I will move some around as needed or to change up the look. But I really like it and am pleased with how well B made it and without a lot of fuss.

Here’s the other side of my office area


The Bob Dylan poster for you fans was the original from one of his albums and done by the famous artist, Milton Glasser.

Here’s one on Etsy


You can still find this album at thrift stores or LP stores. It’s fairly iconic of the era.

Then there’s the Woodstock Life magazines and our ticket .


Then the Star Trek poster is one of my favorite things ever. I found this one at a yard sale many years ago. I’m sure you could find one on eBay if you looked.

Then to the far right is my Heywood Wakefield wishbone table that I use as my desk. I love the birch wood.

My daughter and I had a fun romp to Auburn and went to Target, and then over to Michaels. I got new pinking shears to cut towel rags up.  The lady over at Down to Earth recommended pinking shears to cut rags and then you don’t need to hem. I’ll try it on my linen first and then some old bathroom towels.

Dinner is leftover cheese enchiladas, salad, and some Niman hot dogs that are from their pigs that are raised humanely over on the coast. I think Niman Ranch is over near Point Reyes. I had one the other day for lunch and it was mighty good. They are not cheap, if I’m going to eat meat, I want to eat the best quality and raised humanely as possible.  I don’t don’t this 100% of the time, but when I can I do.

Tomorrow is my oncology appointment. Since I had my labs over 3 weeks ago, it’s really just about touching base with him. He was out sick for my regularly scheduled appt. So this is the re -appt.

I’ll probably ask for labs in 3 weeks since that’ll put me at 7 weeks.  And then see him again in July probably.

All is good right now.

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