Five Frugal Things Friday

Well, we started the week frugal since the power was out. So we didn’t go spend any money but it’s kinda been downhill for the rest. Being on the road, it’s been a Starbuck’s here a Starbucks there. Actually, I’m sitting in Starbucks writing this while I sip on passion tea lemonade. Hmmm, not frugal but heck, it is free wifi. Work pays for the hotel and B’s food so we’ve had to cough up for the rest.

  • No spend for 2 days, Sunday and Monday.
  • Shared meal expenses with B’s work
  • Didn’t have to pay for a hotel in Santa Barbara and still got a mini vacation
  • Electric bill came in lower than last month but still over $300.
  • ???? I got nothing.

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