Books for 2018


January 2018

Midnight Run (Jack Reacher) Lee Child

Half Moon Bay

Simplicity of Cozy

New Minimalism

Toxic Home

Surprise Me

Live Lagom

re-reading The Historian

re-reading Whole 30 ( too much meat, meat, meat)

Everything you never told me  ( super excellent)

re-read Stuffocation( just ok, too much factoids)

re-read UnStuffed ( pretty good except for having to read Bible quotes, which were unnecessary)

Walden on Wheels (interesting)

re-reading The Millionaire Next Door

Hardcore Twenty Four, Evanovich

February 2018

Twelve Angry Librarians  /umm  Okay, you could skip it

Rooster Bar by Grisham ( pretty excellent)

U is for Undertow by the late Sue Grafton

Zen Camera

V is for Vengenance


X by Sue Grafton

Fire and Fury by Michael Wolfe