BOOKS 2016

“The Muralist” excellent historical fiction

“Clutters last Stand” timely by Don Aslett

“Lose 200 lbs this Weekend”

“For Packrats Only”same author, Aslett, and good to go over de cluttering stuff

” The Girl in the Ice” excellent mystery

“Spark Joy” Marie Kondo

part of ” The Martian” Too many science details.  Not my style of book.

“Simple Matters” by Erin Boyle

“the Swans of 5th Avenue” great historical fiction about Tuman Capote

“Trickey Twenty-two” by Evanovich. Always a good laugh!

“Georgia” by                                Very good historical fiction about Georgia O’Keeffe and Stieglitz.  I’d recommend it as a very good look into the psychology of their relationship and how she was such a pioneer in Modern art.


“My name is Lucy Barton” by Elizabeth Strout    A moving story about a young woman thoughts while in the hospital after an appendectomy. It is quite deep and somewhat depressing but very well written.

“Whole 30”

‘The Aviator’s Wife’ book review

‘Kitchens of the Great Midwest’   This is fiction although it sounds like nonfiction.Okay ,book. Kinda fun to read about different people’s experiences with food.

Wiliams-Sonoma ‘Quick Slow  Cooking’  Some good  recipes.

America’s Test Kitchen ‘ The Complete Vegetarian Cookbook’  Some good recipes, nothing new really.

Reading now, ‘ Eligible’.  This, so far, is hysterical. Its a modern take of ‘Pride and Prejudice’ even with the same names being used. Really pretty clever. I’ll write more when I’m done.

‘The Atomic Weight of Love’  A very poignant book about a woman’s life. She wants to be an ornithologist and is in college  when she meets an older professor and eventually she gives up her dream and marries. He becomes one of the scientists working on the atomic bomb in New Mexico. The book has multiple layers including her affair with a much younger man later in the book and how that impacts her sense of self.

This is a definite read for those who love relationship books and the trials of life.

Ruth Reichl’s ‘