SPEP test result

It’s up a tiny bit .4

this is from .3 so the question is do something by adding dex back in or go another month. I think I’d go for adding it back in maybe at 12 mg. he’ll probably say wait another month. But I know how my body works and waiting for it to go to .5 will mean it’ll take longer to get it back down to .2

One thought on “SPEP test result

  1. Hii Tahoe Girl, Sorry to hear that your labs went up a bit. Mine did the exact thing. .4 from “not detectable”. Doc says do another lab in 3 months. I have Kaiser and I guess that is their protocol. Was in your area last week Monday to Thur. Sorenson’s has a 2 nite get another free. We brought all our own food up and a couple of good books. Hiked around everyday. I couldn’t get over how beautiful the mountains looked after a brushing of snow. Meadows golden brown and the willows with a combination of red with a blue hue. We often thought about living up there and did a great deal of pack packing in the area. Had alot of memories. Now I can only think about if I will be able to do the same hiking that I just did.

    Multiple Myeloma keeps you in the one-day-at-a-time whether you want to or not.

    Take care and keep us updated. Your a great writer and I always enjoy your posts

    Forest Knolls, CA

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