Monday stuff, and enough of the KonMari method!!!!

It’s windy here, but clear and chilly! It’s suppose to be only a high of 60, but that north wind is cold.
We should be getting a bunch of seeds from Territorial seeds this week. My daughter does an amazing job gardening.

So all the rage on all the decluttering and frugal blogs is KonMari’s “the life changing magic of tidying up”. It’s a great little book and well organized. Her methods are definitely a little different but I especially like her “spark of joy” in keeping what you own. But, I think if you were new to decluttering Flylady or other methods maybe more informative. She goes by catagories as opposed to rooms. I prefer to go room by room or with flylady it’s zones. I think it’s what works for you. But I’ve decluttered all of my house and it’s so easy to clean and straighten up. I still have hot spots but I work on them. Also, her folding method wouldn’t work for my clothes as I don’t use a dresser. I use cloth baskets( martha Stewart ) to keep my clothes in and they are too deep to fold and show up as she suggests. I don’t have a lot of clothes and most stuff I hang on hangers.
It’s a fun book to read and I love the japanese flair.

This is a nice slow week for me, no blood tests, just work and whatever.

I’m still debating the Breville pizza maker… I’m making pizza tonight in the oven so, I’ll determine how that is. The pizza steel I bought does work great.
But the thing with the pizza maker, it heats up to 660, and the oven is not on, so in summer that’s a big plus. So if we spent money on 4 round table pizza trips at $40 a pop, it pays for the Breville. I’ll keep thinking about it this week.

I also need new walking shoes so that’s got to be considered.

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