Project: Cooking through my cookbooks or else.

So the project is: I have lots of cookbooks although that is probably relative. If I can find at least one recipe that is a keeper to make, I will keep the cookbook.

This is a signed Annie Somerville cookbook. I couldn’t find one recipe I wanted to make:( If anyone out there wants to pay postage, they can have the book.

So we’ve been to Greens at Fort Mason twice and really it is spectacular. If you are near San Francisco or are visiting you must add this to your to do list. Reservations are probably expected. We had reservations both times.

Now her other one Fields of Greens there are lots to try.

These all look delicious but I just don’t cook like this with these kinds ingredients.

Anyway, this one is on the way out. Didn’t make it.

5 thoughts on “Project: Cooking through my cookbooks or else.

  1. I just consolidated two shelves of cookbooks and 2 shelves of quilt pattern books into 2 shared shelves. Not only did I keep cookbooks I never used, but I had “memory” cookbooks that belonged to my grandmother, great aunt and mother. When sorting the large pile of Farm Journal cookbooks, I discovered I had 3 copies of the 1959 edition. So now I just have to find people to castoff my castoffs.

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