simple Sunday

It is a rainy weekend. It’s fairly warm though so that’s nice for the dogs as they are on the sunporch. Closed in but not heated. They’ve done really well at night crated. No accidents. As I mentioned my office space ( which was my daughters’ room) is where the crates are. They take up a fair amount of space but at least they’re warm at night and it’s only going to get colder.  We did move the treadmill out of the office space to the sun porch so… ugh lots of things.

The zone this week is the bedroom, so pretty easy. I’ll wash the inside windows, change sheets( that’s weekly anyway) and then tidy the closet.

I’m only packing my Eagle creek backpack I’ve had forever. It’s probably 20 years old and still is in great shape. I’ve got most everything in except for a few t-shirts. I figure I’m trying to be a minimalist with all areas of my life so this is it. No luggage. I’m bringing my mac air book but not iPad. So I should be set.

WE did end up having pizza on Friday but it was Round table. B went out at lunch and got an x large with a good coupon. $23. So that was lunch and dinner and 1 piece for lunch the next day. So fairly frugal.

Today I’m working on menus for the rest of the month. Tonight is broccoli cheddar quiche. I was going to do soup but I have a pie crust in the refrigerator I need to use. Although I need to check the date on it as it’s been in there a while.



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