Labs are all good!!


Going into month 4 of being off Dex and Velcade, my Kappa and Lambda light chains are normal. Ratio is at 1.08, so that’s great.

I am very happy with this. I’m really hoping I can squeak out at least the 6 months. I’m pretty sure my doctor, who’s quite conservative, would not start treatment right away even with a small increase. And I agree. Others may not ,being I’m not doing any maintenance.

In the past , it’s worked better for me to go off all chemo while I can. That may not be true down the road. But I’m not down that road yet.

In other news, my sister and her 3 daughters ,show up tomorrow. First night , dinner is chili with corn tortillas and pintos with tortillas for the veges.

Then next night I’m planning butternut squash soup and a big chopped salad. WE’re going out to the winery for lunch and wine tasting.

Another night I’m grilling some chicken, and then there will be a taco night( I think).

Then this coming week is my doctor appointment. it’s so nice to just get the results on the e-portal. So much easier and less stressful.

Tonight is Friday night pizza.  A pepperoni and sausage and peppers and a cheese one.



4 thoughts on “Labs are all good!!

  1. Whooo Hooo!!! So happy to read this Christina!!! Yippee! So happy for you that your body is winning over myeloma!! And all your food ideas sound so yummy!! Do you have a food/recipe blog too? Send me your recipes for the chili and butternut soup!! Congrats again on your great labs and healthy status!!! :)) xoxo

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