Just keep walking update ( JKW) and roof!

Fall is in the air here in Northern California . Nights are cool and days just lovely. We are in for more hot temperatures next week but this time of year 99 isn’t the same as in the middle of summer. We’ve already taken out one window cooler so we’ll have to use the front rooms one if we need it.

So, we are on day…..in year 3, 107! So that’s over 3 months in the new year. With weather being so nice I’m going to try and walk twice. Once in the morning and then late afternoon. Even if it’s only once around it’ll add to my daily steps.  I thought about getting a fit bit, but generally I don’t like things like that so I lrobbly won’t.

The roof took way longer with one day being tear off and then roof supplies delivered. But the the next day we expected a crew and it was only the gutter guy and one roofer. Kinda weird. Then he finished yesterday. But we are very happy with it.

image image image

One thought on “Just keep walking update ( JKW) and roof!

  1. Roof looks good. My son’s house is small also and the quote for his roof was over $6000. I can’t seem to get my butt out the door to walk…I have great respect for you.

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