Good news!

Well, for the moment. My labs 8 days into this 4 mg of Pomalyst( that’s double what I was taking) are great. My neutrophils are 2668. Wow, I hope this cycle is the one that does the job. I still have another 10 days to go so it’s still kinda a waiting game. But at least that’s the good news.

We’re walking at 5:30 , still dark but gets light quickly. The just keep walking project is at 90 days into year 3. There’s still a few people who show up this early, and I try and stay out of their way. I mean it’s a big park do you need to walk right behind me:( .

Fall is definetly in the air. Cool evenings ,warm days. My son started his semester yesterday. And my daughter her online program as well. So back to school for them.

This week I’m going to Costco for mostly vegies and bread. ( too hot to make bread still)! But soon. Also, I think I’ll go with her to her work meeting on Thursday and I’ll hang out at the coffee shop. Not totally sure yet.

Still working on budget stuff with the roof and trees. We haven’t heard from either yet so I’m figuring this will all go into September.

2 thoughts on “Good news!

  1. Happy! Happy! Great news about your labs!! Walking at 5:30am!?! That’s still night time for me. I really need to start walking again. I have been avoiding it because of foot pain but with the right shoes and insoles it is doable. School starts here Sept 8 and I am so ready to send this 11 year old granddaughter back.

  2. My sister( older by 4 years) also babysits for her grandkids so I know it can be stressful. Walking at 5:30 isn’t so bad. I really like the quiet and predawn. But as sunrise is now almost 6:30 ,we’ll probably start going a little later. We have a great park with a 1/2 mile paved trail , so it makes it easy. But, get some good walking shoes( I use new balance country walkers). It makes a big difference. Plus, I can’t really do a lot but try between 1-2 miles.

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