November 1

Lots going on. I saw Dr. L yesterday, and complained a lot about side effects. But the big news is they’re closing the RAS cancer center in Sacramento. So, he has signed a contract with Mercy cancer center. So, not sure how this will work but I really have no desire to see another oncologist. Yes, I know , he is not a myeloma expert, no I’ve never had a second opinion. So I guess that makes me in a minority. I really don’t know. I’ve had excellant treatment and with everything I read, I sorta know what to keep an eye out for.  So that will be January . I’ll know my m protein next week. It’s hard to know what it’ll be. I can only hope for the best and have some decrease.

So, I’m going to start today the Minimalists challenge, which is to declutter something everyday this month . But it’s not that easy. Day 1 is 1 item, day 2 is 1 item plus 1 , day 3 I item plus 2, and so on. Anyone want to join. I’ve already got a pile of junky stuff. I’ll count them as it’s still stuff to get rid of.


Other big news , my sister arrives today from Connecticut . It’ll be interesting and hopefully fun. I do have a few things planned and I’ll be off drugs,…..

One thought on “November 1

  1. I better keep myself useful, or I’m counting the days till I get thrown out as a piece of junk!! There’s only so much junk left to find around here. B, (the husband)

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