Labs in and other stuff.

My CBC was great. All good there except the hemoglobin was still .5 above normal.  He had wanted me to drink 8 glasses of water a day. I did pretty good but not 8 glasses. Maybe got to 5-6 a day plus tea. I guess hemoglobin has to do with the oxygen in your blood. So he thought maybe I wasn’t hydrating enough.  I’m not worried at only .5 over normal. but I’ll see what he says in June.  In other good news, my kappa light chains still normal but it went up 2 points. So from 12.6 to 14.2.  So here’s that trend of going up. I know I’ll come out of the normal range at some point but for now, it’s still in the normal range even with the 2 point increase.  My Lambda went up too from 10.9 to 11.5 so another increase. And the ratio went up to from 1.16 to 1.23 . In myeloma numbers, the ratio is most important so still an increase. These are all in values of mg/L for those that want that .  I can’t say I’m not a bit disappointed because I am just a little but hey this is month 10 going into month 11 of no drugs andI’m still within normal ranges. Oh, the good news too, was no detectable M-protein. So that’s the great news. the light chain tests though are more sensitive to myeloma cell, so the increase does show a trend. But, for now, I will celebrate LIFE!! I feel good well except for the aches and pains of normal stuff.  My one year of stopping Velcade is June 23. June is never a good emotional month for me as I was officially diagnosed on June 15 of 2005. Funny how we remember some things exactly.  Oh well, I’m grateful for modern medicine and my doctor and park and the ducks and the everything. ( That’s supposed to be funny).

It’s been windy here and we haven’t sat out at dinner even though the temperature is nice. The allergies are kicking in when that wind blows. I’m hoping to BBQ tonight if the wind is gone.

Here’s a picture of Hobbles the duck. yesterday we couldn’t find him at the park but he was back today. Whew…IMG_0700he’s called hobbles because about 2 years ago he got injured somehow and was not using his one leg. Now he uses it but just hobbles. He’s our buddy in the morning.

5 thoughts on “Labs in and other stuff.

  1. I’ve been thinking about you and wondering about your labs. I was happy to read that you get some more drug free time, but I can certainly see why you would be disappointed in that upward trend. It must be very stressful to wait for those lab results.

    We are having a horrible allergy season where I live right now. I’m hoping whatever is bothering me disappears in a few weeks. It’s been so nice outside, but I’m a sneezing, snotty, itchy eyed mess whenever i go out!

    I like how you named the duck! Hobbles seems to fit. 🙂

    • Thank you for the kind words. It’s way less stressful than it use to be. I guess I’m more seasoned now and take it more in stride. I think when the next relapse comes, It’ll be hard but I’ll accept it. Yes, we had so much rain here in Northern Ca that allergy season is going to be tough.

  2. Ditto Ms. Moreless. I’ve been thinking about you & your results. Sending lots of good thoughts your way on your test results. I think you have an incredible attitude, and focusing on the positive lens of your results. Hope you got a chance to grill! It was really warm & clear here yesterday.

    • I finally had to e-message him as I know my results are usually in, in about 3 days. The light chain test and SPEP take about 3 days. The wind did die down and we ate outside but I made greek chicken gyros. I made the chicken in the crock pot. Thanks for the vote of confidence:)

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