All good, for now.

We made it through the storm but boy did the Sierra get a boatload of snow.  I think it was over 2 feet and that’s a lot.

There was wind from around 8 pm to midnight and then just like that it turned off. Kinda weird.  NO trees down but some branches and I don’t think it was over 25 MPH. There were some gusts but they were tolerable and we could sleep. There have been times in the past when the wind sounded like a freight train coming thru and that’s a big wind.

Today was busy. B had platelets and we had to deal with SDI first off. We got an email saying his benefits application had been denied. So, of course, we freaked out. We called and after a 30-minute wait explained what had happened. The person was helpful and I think we’ll be able to fix it.  But the problem is with HR and how to use B’s sick leave and PTO. We really didn’t know what we were doing and actually still don’t but I hope we can figure it out next week. B spoke to HR today and she said you need to use PTO first over sick leave which is the exact opposite of what the SDI guy said so…… Also, she will look for the for EDD sent over 2 weeks ago stating what they will do.  I hope by next week we can figure it out.

It’s quite scary since how will we pay stuff. The reason B is still working ( sorta obvious )is that we don’t have a lot of retirement built up. We still have a mortgage and a second.

But I think we will see it thru ok.

Then after his infusion, I took him home and took our 20-year-old van in for a smog and to pay DMV. So I first go to Speedee and their machine is down. Okay, I go to the next one Quick lube and because the car is over 20 years old their smog machine won’t work. So I go down to the next local one and its a-go but I did have to wait with every derelict this side of Sacramento( well it seemed that way). Geez, what can I say 2 of them didn’t have teeth.  So finally 45 minutes later I’m on my way to AAA. It was all a PITA but it got done.

Tonight I’m just doing a small homemade pizza. I have dough from the freezer and I’ll just do sauce and cheese on top. B is still not eating but he is getting better and he says the mouth are sores are greatly improving.  Yay!!!!

Well, off for now to watch some Vera or Poirot.


2 thoughts on “All good, for now.

  1. Hi Christina, I am so sorry for all your challenges with B. We both have BIG health challenges with our hubbies. Can’t believe what we are all dealing with on top of myeloma. So glad you are doing well with your personal health, thank goodness! And my current combo of Velcade, Cytoxan, Dex is working and bringing my IGA down. Hoping B feels better asap, and you can get all the insurance stuff worked out. Funny how we were both doing smog tests on older vehicles lol. Mine didn’t pass because I don’t drive much anymore, due to my health, just to Dr appts and Velcade shots lol… my mechanic said, drive it more and come back lol lol. This life is crazy! Hoping for good news for B!!! xoxo Julie

    • Hi Julie, always good to hear from you. I read on your blog about your husband’s Alzheimers. That is pretty scary and yes it’s weird when we go to the doctor appts, I’m not being called in, he is. But So far, this cycle (fingers crossed) may help his blood counts. His mouth sores are almost gone and he is eating more. We see the transplant doctor on Monday so we will know more after that. We had better figure our the SDI or we’re in trouble. So we need to call them back next week to tell them about the dates that are now considered ‘blocked’.( that means his employer isn’t ‘paying for those dates.

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