Happy Hanukkah​ !and Merry Christmas!!

Have a wonderful Holiday season whatever you do.

Although neither Jewish nor Christian, we will light candles and celebrate the deepness of the winter. We are past the solciste so there is more light. We need more light.

3 thoughts on “Happy Hanukkah​ !and Merry Christmas!!

  1. Happy Holidays to you, as well. We are having a small, (I think), snowstorm here in New York City, and it is very cold. A good day to hunker down and do things in the house. Hope you are feeling well, and enjoying the season. I, too, am glad that we have passed the shortest day of the year. Although it will be awhile before we really see more sunlight, at least I know it is coming!

    Happy and healthy new year to you and your family.

  2. So GLAD to hear from you.I hope you’re well and your children too. As i have said in my blogs, I am so grateful to feel good right now. It truly is a gift. Keep in touch.

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