Imbolc šŸŒŸ Or groundhogs day!

today is Imbolc in the Celtic year or first day of spring. It’s the cross quarter. I have often felt the shift even if it’s raining or snowing. Somehow the light is different and when it’s nice out I can actually feel it in the air. Here in California, it’s easier probably than back east but I think those sensitive to the earth will feel something. Sunrise is now 7:10 and sunset 5:26 , so definitely there’s more light.
Our weather is very nice but we expecting rain toward the end of the week. we really need it but I just don’t want big windy storms.

I decluttered a bin of Life magazines. I’m going to take then to the library and see if I can sell them for the friends. There’s still more to do, but one bin is a lot.

This week the Flylady zone is the entry way and dining room. Since we don’t have a dining room, just our table and chairs as part of our front room , it’s pretty easy. The entry is always a problem because it’s not really an entry way per se. On side of this enclosed porch is our covered pantry , the other is where my husband has his desk. I do have a nice piece of Heywood wakefield to look at when you walk in. I keep seasonal things on it.
I’m wondering how hard would it be to dig a foundation under this porch so it would pass code and could be included in our house when we sell. If not it’s probably a tear down. It’s very cute with nice windows, but I’m sure it would be problematic in a sale. We will sell as is, but in California that still means disclosure.
Oh well, we’ll worry about that in the future.

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