Wednesday budget day

So, it’s a pay week and I’m working on the budget. Our last big yearly expense is house insurance. The bill showed up yesterday. So I’ll go to AAA today. Then what I want to do is schedule out all our sinking funds for next year. We really haven’t saved anything in the last few months. It’s all been house expenses, etc. now with Xmas here, we need to stop and start seriously savings. I’m thinking a separate account, or something like my 52 week savings or the $5 savings, both of which I’ve done pretty good. The 52 week savings was up to $900, then with my sister here, I used that cash instead of checking or savings. So I’m ok with that. It’s down some so I’ll work on that next and see if I can’t reach the final goal by January which is @ $1300.

I’m off today to do a little shopping at the regular store, and then a few errands. I feel pretty good this morning compared to the last 2 days.

One thought on “Wednesday budget day

  1. Good job on saving up and using that money instead of drawing from your checking or savings accounts. That’s the perfect use of something like that 🙂 And good luck on reaching your goal of $1300!

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